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A Crawford County home buyer will enjoy the various Crawford County properties for sale. Leon and Connie Collins can help a prospective buyer find the right homes for sale in Crawford County to help each buyer find a house that is within his or her budget. What are some other reasons to buy Crawford County GA real estate?


Crawford County was created in 1822 from land that was taken from the Creek Indians by the United States Government. While the Creeks and the American settlers who called the area home got along reasonably well, attempts to assimilate the Creeks to European ways of life did not go well. Jefferson Long was the first African-American to serve in Congress and was from Crawford County. The creator of Coca-Cola, which is the most popular soda in the world, was born in Crawford County as well.

Parks and Rec

There are a wide variety of recreational areas in Crawford County. Whether you want to take your pet for a walk, meet your friends for a game of basketball or spend the afternoon with your family while enjoying a nice picnic, there is public park space dedicated to those purposes. The Parks Department also runs youth sports leagues for children who are interested in sports such as soccer or softball.


The Crawford County Jug Festival is an annual event that showcases a variety of local and regional artists who show off their jugs and other pottery. The proceeds are used to benefit the Crawford County Historical Society. Therefore, it could be an event for those who want to help their community preserve its history.


There are several attractions to see in Crawford County for residents and tourists alike. The Old Jail Museum as well as the Old Courthouse are home to many old documents and other artifacts that tell the story of Crawford County as told by those who lived there many years ago. History buffs will also enjoy visiting the Museum of Southeastern Indians, which is home to a variety of old Native American artifacts from the area.

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