Fort Valley GA
Homes for sale in Fort Valley are perfect for those who want to live in small town in an historic area. The Blue Bird Corporation is one of the largest employers in Fort Valley. A Fort Valley home buyer is going to be someone looking for a quiet area to raise their children or those over 18 looking to go to school. Let's take a look at why Fort Valley GA real estate is worth looking into and why Fort Valley GA homes are worth living in. 


The Fort Valley area has had an interesting history and the way it got its name is one of the better stories out there. It is believed that the area never had a fort and that the name Fort Valley was an error made when a post office was built there. Historians think that the actual name of the town was Fox Valley, but the name Fort Valley has stuck. The area also used to be the setting for the Ham and Egg Show, which showcased the pork and poultry industry in Fort Valley.

Parks and Rec

Massee Lane Gardens is both a tourist attraction as well as a bastion for many different types of plants and animals. It is especially known for housing over 150 types of roses and has Koi ponds. At most public parks, residents can pick pecans and blueberries and there is a senior center for older residents run by the Peach County Parks Department.


The Georgia Peach Festival takes place in Fort Valley and other locations throughout the state. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 people come to see peaches grown by some of the best growers in the state and takes place each June.


Aside from Massee Lane Gardens, Fort Valley State college is one of the biggest attractions in the area. Fort Valley State is a historically black college and is home to the Anderson Museum, which is one of the oldest buildings in the state. The school also produced a gold medal winner in the 1952 Olympics.

Leon and Connie Collins will be happy to help you as you look at Fort Valley properties and Fort Valley homes for sale. Leon and Connie Collins can show you Fort Valley real estate that is within your budget and real estate in Fort Valley that you can call home for years to come. If you see something that you are interested in, you should move quickly to close on it as it won't stay listed for long.

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