We truly appreciated both your professional expertise and the personal attention both you and Connie extended to us in handling the sale.  Mark & I discussed often how much we enjoyed having you as real estate agents.


-Liz & Mark Deeb


You made buying a house so easy and were ALWAYS willing to help and answer any questions we had.  Thanks for being not only our Realtors but also our friends.


-Daniel & Amy Eidson


You would have to search long and hard to find Realtors as hard working, enthusiastic, and genuinely friendly as Leon & Connie Collins. And where else but at Collins Real Estate would you find Realtors who really cared about your individual housing needs and financial situation?


Leon and Connie helped us find our dream house. Then they helped us sell our former home within exactly three weeks from the day it went on the market. During this time an average of one family per day was shown our house due to their excellent advertising system. One day our house was shown three times!


Leon and Connie also did everything they could to make sure each stage of buying and selling our houses progressed smoothly.


And, oh yes, they now live in the same community as we do, and have become our dear friends. How's that for a happy ending?


-Ken & Kathy Rissmann, Byron, GA


Once we contacted you about listing our home "For Sale" in Byron and the two of you came to our home to talk to us, we had the feeling the four of us had been friends for years. Selling a home can be one of the most stressful experiences a couple can go through. Your warm and personal, yet very professional attention to every detail, made selling our home a "walk in the park".


As we all go through life we meet many people as a result of business dealings. Some we wish we could forget, others are just that - business contacts; but both of you are that rare type of people we want to remember as real friends.


Thank you so much for brightening our lives. May God bless both of you.



Bill & Debbie Atkins

Leon and Connie Collins
Leon and Connie Collins
110 Ga Highway 49 South PO Box 236 Byron GA 31008